In the night of Moscow, the author watched the field in the stands of the Champions League final, and witnessed the famous penalty shootout Matt Calvert Jersey, today, I still remember the game. To be sure, not many people will be concerned about Van der Sar left hand movements Markus Hannikainen Jersey, even those who through the network video to revisit the game fans, it is unlikely to be aware of this. In fact, in the penalty shootout, the real value, meaningful action, are very inconspicuous, very unpopular. ?At the end of the season, Messi came to China to participate in activities, but the Champions League final is about to start, the Catalan media, "World Sports Daily," the author pointed out that Messi will certainly be concerned about this in Wales Cardiff held the final , In fact, this game will largely determine the ownership of the Golden Globe, although Messi in 2017 personal data dominant, but the collective honor became his flawed. Wenger rate Arsenal won the FA Cup, the French coach became the most successful coach in the history of the FA Cup, Arsenal can continue to stay Wenger will also draw a big question mark, his future will be decided within a week Rene Bourque Jersey. The gunman's name Ian Wright wrote in the column that Arsenal would no longer have Ward Brandon Saad Jersey, and that the club would have a greater disaster because they did not find the right successor, and that no one would be better than the temperature More familiar with Arsenal.