For up to 48 hours, Holla worked hastily, and on the morning of the final, he handed over a study data report to the head of the Dutch Football Association. At the time, the Dutch team goalkeeper was Luther - Hespop, who wrote in a message to Holla: "The Dutch team will be able to perfectly carry out the penalty plan provided in this report. In the World Cup final, the two sides war to the first half of overtime 10 minutes Joonas Korpisalo Jersey, the score is still 0-0 level, it seems that the penalty shooter seems to have been inevitable. Stands, the author has always been anxiously concerned about the development of the game, due to too nervous, I have no time to look at the game Zach Werenski Jersey, but concentrate on reading Holla for the Dutch team to develop a penalty strategy. It is undoubtedly a very detailed, near-perfect report, including the Spanish country Casillas Sam Gagner Jersey, and Torres, Harvey, Iniesta in the penalty shootout in the tendency of the performance and habits. However, then Iniesta scored a winning goal for the Spanish team, and I had to start writing the game report. In 2014, when Leicester City signed Mahericks, only spent 400,000 pounds, but now the gunmen are planning to come up with 40 million pounds to buy the midfield strongman Marko Dano Jersey, and the good news is that Mailey Has submitted a transfer application, he has made up his mind to leave the team. From Wenger's acquisition of Mailey, he may also be worried that midfielder Ozil left the team because the German and the club's contract negotiations have been stalled.