As the pioneer of the introduction of science into the penalty shootout, Hulta himself has always been through television live in close attention to the field of the Champions League final process. When he saw Anelka missed the penalty William Karlsson Jersey, Holla felt very angry and frustrated, because in his view, it is because the French striker did not follow their own research results to kick the penalty Artem Anisimov Jersey, Chelsea was not Can be the final winner in the Champions League final. Mourinho's management philosophy, no one player's position can be higher than the entire team. In the European Cup finals, Mourinho insisted on the second goalkeeper Romero debut, he fulfilled his original commitment to the Argentinean country Ryan Craig Jersey. To know that the European Cup finals can be said to be Mourinho in the past year, the most critical of a game, because the results of the game, the matter will be able to get Manchester United next season Cam Atkinson Jersey, the Champions League qualifying. However, even so, Mourinho is still the overall situation, still arranged Romero and not Deja in the European Cup final debut. Rooney's situation is also a clear example of this. In Manchester United, Rooney's identity is the club's top scorer in history, but even so, Mourinho is still decisive to "chubby" exclusion in his mind the main lineup, because now the Manchester United captain has long been the river , He is no longer the year that no one can block the high level forward.